Throughout the week there will be a number of presentations taking place, on both land and on the water. These presentations will be from an array of speakers who will be guided by the two themes, coastings and crossings.
A new addition to ISKES 2018 is the Masterclass. There will be several specialised workshops available for delegates to participate in over the week.
For the 2018 ISKES two themes have been established to help guide presentation ideas. They are Coastings and Crossings.

Symposium Themes


Sea kayak educators often teach, guide and instruct in places they know well. We have developed our programs in response to our students’ and clients’ needs and the local environmental conditions. We paddle in storied locations where the waters and coastlines have history. What is our best practice in achieving this fine balancing act?


Sea kayak crossing are, arguably, more adventurous. We leave the safety of the landmass. Crossings involve a leap of faith and we dig deep into our reserves of knowledge and skill. What are the new frontiers for educational leadership and practice in sea kayak education?

Land Sessions

These sessions will be either practical or theoretical in nature. Presenters will either present to peers at one of the many outdoor sites at tidal river or use our presentation spaces in one of the two main lodges (where screen, speakers and laptops will be set up). Presentations will range from 45 to 90 minute blocks (with 15min of Q&A).

Water Sessions

As the name suggests, these sessions will be all about paddling, yet will differ in theme. On-water sessions will vary in length from 90 minutes to 3-hour a masterclass and will likely be presentations that talk on-the-water about practice, instruction, navigation etc. as they pertain to education.

The Masterclass

There will be several specialised extended sessions available for delegates to participate in over the week.

Masterclass Sessions Include:

  • Seat of your pants – with ROB MERCER
  • Less is more – with MARK SUNDIN
  • Rolling and Bracing – with MARK SUNDIN
  • Who’s your hero, and why do I care? – with CHRIS ORD
  • Filmmaking 101 – with CHRIS ORD, BEAU MILES and MITCH DRUMMOND